How to Make a Fake Uber Receipt

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Have you ever needed to make up an Uber receipt? When you go out with friends, it’s usually one of the easiest ways to get home safely, but sometimes you have to pay a lot more than your friend. That’s when having a fake Uber receipt on hand can save the day! Here’s how to make one up in no time at all.

Section: Supplies

Scanned copy of an actual receipt, scanner or printer. Creativity. A sheet of paper (optional). Software: It’s possible you already have all of these on hand. However, if not… Microsoft Paint will do nicely, and it is built into every version of Windows since 1995. This means that even if you are using Windows 3.1 you can still fake an uber receipt. As far as I know, paint works in other versions of Windows too…but I don’t think anyone ever bothered to check it out in XP and beyond….I mean come on XP…you were fine for about a decade but now it is time for retirement! For Mac Users: just search up something like mac paint alternative…and away you go!

Section: Process

It’s relatively easy to make a fake receipt, especially if you have some basic office supplies on hand. Of course, there are tons of ways to make receipts using Microsoft Word and other programs, but why spend money when you can do it yourself? Here’s how: Step 1: Find or Create an Template The first step is finding or creating your template. If you go searching for fake uber receipt template or uber receipt template online, chances are that you will find something workable. If not, however, there are some basic design elements that all receipts contain: vehicle information (location and license plate number), date and time of trip/ride, total fare paid for each passenger and driver tip percentage.

Section: Print

Uber has been accused of vastly underreporting its driver earnings. In fact, if you look at their website and read their disclaimers carefully, you will see that they state very clearly that: driver earnings can vary depending on time of day and location; driver are not employees but independent contractors; etc. Basically, everything is open to interpretation which is why there have been so many lawsuits against them by drivers who think they deserve more than they are getting paid. Anyway, despite all those warnings, people still want to take rides from fake Ubers (i.e., ride with your friends or family members pretending to be Uber drivers) because it is cheaper for everyone involved than taking real Ubers.

Section: Final Thoughts

What Is My Risk? How Can I Tell if This Was Real or Not? Here’s an easy way to tell if your Uber receipt is fake: If it asks you for a tip, it’s fake. Uber takes care of that automatically and doesn’t need input from you. Another indication that something isn’t right is if you’re instructed to pay in cash directly to someone you don’t know (not even through Venmo or Square Cash). If a stranger emails or texts you requesting money, there’s a good chance they are scamming you and trying to get your money via untraceable means. In any case, always ask yourself what your risk is. There is no reason for me to come after your money just because I’m asking for some.